the most fundamental is to grow

The improvement of intellectual property awareness has led to such changes in the floor business. But not only the flooring sector, the entire home industry need to improve their awareness of intellectual property. Recently, Peugeot furniture president Sun Shoujiang in an interview with the Beijing Chinese Commercial.
News reporter said: "Intellectual property in the cultural field, IT sector has been generally attention, but in the home industry has been neglected." He hoped that China's home industry rainy day, Improve the level of intellectual property disputes. Increasing the size of the response to the frequent emergence of intellectual property disputes,
in addition to raising awareness of intellectual property rights, but also must improve their ability to deal with intellectual property disputes. In this regard, Zhang Senlin that the most fundamental is to grow the scale of enterprises. "Big business is not small, small business is not small," Zhang Forest is the evaluation of China's home business,
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