Real wood floor how to maintain

Believe a lot of enter the owner with long time to had been encountered wood floor,The problem of ageing, as a result of the elapse as time, wooden floor appears become angry, bosomy bag, remove skin, tile to change, mildew changes, craze, case arch, come unglued, gather up seam, wear away wait for a phenomenon, our a general designation is these phenomena wooden floor ageing, so, what does the reason of wooden floor ageing have?

Make general component is the reason of wooden floor ageing internal matter and exterior reason. Internal matter is to point to the moisture content because of wooden floor, paint film function of the surface and quality, the material of wooden floor is qualitative, wooden floor installs the moistureproof film quality of moment laid, when wooden floor is installed of obligate adjustable seam the reason such as size, these metropolises affect the service life until wooden floor is being used, and ageing speed. External the temperature that the reason basically is floor pointing to wood, humidity, mould waits a reason a moment to bring about wooden floor ageing.

The floor fights the technology on ageing level to resolve difficulty highest. No matter the exterior paint film that acts the role of wooden floor as a result of common lacquer is from hardness, tenacity, fight blow gender or wear-resisting function to go up, achieve the requirement of compound floor without method, consequently common wooden floor is in wear away the surface can appear to touch injury, scratch on the problem, drop the phenomenon such as lacquer, affect service life then.

Current, in Chinese floor market, the wooden floor that so-called ability grinds is not little, can solve wooden floor wear-resisting completely truly however, fight blow and the floor brand that paint film adds exert oneself however can be counted on one's fingers, among them specific representative should belong to so-called fight ageing floor the floor board of the first brand, Bei Yake blue and white porcelain that has multinomial country to invent patent.

The moistureproof sex of control of wooden floor moisture content and floor and the impact that install pair of wooden floor ageing are very big also. So, use in daily wooden floor in, we should avoid the contact of wooden floor and water as far as possible, can improve the life of wooden floor significantly, also should notice to choose a few moisture content to control essence of life to be mixed definitely when floor of choose and buy at the same time the floor is moistureproof the wooden floor with good sex. When install, we must ask agency to help us install, appear otherwise after the problem very easy cause agency and installation square mutual shuffle, consumer cannot claim for compensation.

Prevent wooden floor ageing to must cut off the fountainhead of wooden floor ageing, consumer is being bought and when should above notice in daily life reason.

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