environment-friendly floor

Zhu jun shan: first I want to say that there are many floor industry authority and experts in the country, many people are more appropriate to talk about this topic than I am;Second, the floor industry is a general name, actually from the material can be subdivided into solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, reinforced wood floor, and so on many kinds,
It can also be divided into production and sales as well as production and sales.Our company is now mainly producing and distributing reinforced wood flooring.Is the wood floor made of wood?Zhu jun shan: the reinforced wood floor is not a solid wood floor, but by the waste of wood and other materials, through a certain processing technology made of the floor.
Because not like solid wood floor to cut down a lot of high quality natural wood, so strengthening wood floor is a kind of environment-friendly floor for the whole society.This can explain why the reinforcement of wood floor first rise in the environment-friendly and strong European.
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