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Many parents in order to let the children live in a colorful world, so that children have a lively and cheerful state of mind and pleasant mood, buy more colorful furniture decorated children's space. Now some children's furniture manufacturers also to attract the attention of children and parents, most of the furniture will be used in colorful colors. At present, the market part of the children's furniture are made of MDF,Kerusi plastik aluminium luar kerusi particleboard and other plate made of only a small amount of children's furniture made of natural solid wood and other synthetic materials, these "makeup" children's furniture, easily lead to excessive levels of formaldehyde in children.

In the eyes of many consumers, solid wood furniture do not need to use paint, and the plate itself is more environmentally friendly, therefore, there is a solid wood furniture than the concept of environmental protection of sheet metal furniture. But one to the market, the sales staff will explain,Membeli katil perkhemahan yang lebih besar solid wood furniture surface should also be painted varnish, solid wood furniture will also use the adhesive. So, solid wood furniture and sheet metal furniture in environmental performance such as
Children's furniture "makeup" finally hurt who?

Solid wood furniture need to be clear is all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture or solid wood veneer furniture. If it is not natural solid wood furniture, all solid wood furniture plate will also use the adhesive, there will be the problem of formaldehyde emission; solid wood furniture and wood wood furniture,Meja atas meja kopi kayu will also involve formaldehyde emission. In addition, this furniture will generally paint, but also consider the harmful heavy metal content is exceeded.

As a result of the veneer treatment, wood-based panel furniture and solid wood veneer furniture, just consider the amount of formaldehyde emissions, do not consider whether the harmful heavy metals exceeded. The lighter the color, the less harmful substances? Most parents for the paint of the furniture,Kerusi plastik gaya Eropah acuan the paint contains heavy metal that does not know. When asked whether to contain heavy metals, the sales staff will usually emphasize that the brand is used in Europe or Australia water-based paint, in line with European or domestic standards, in order to prove that its furniture surface does not contain heavy metals or heavy metals included.

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