Art design is the lifeline of mahogany furniture

The face of the new normal, mahogany enterprises how to achieve breakout? What kind of thinking strategies do you need? Mahogany furniture product innovation trend how? Zhao Fuying, director of the China Woodworking Committee, shared his point of view. He believes that mahogany enterprises to achieve breakout,small folding camping table free plans the first is the vast number of mahogany entrepreneurs "move up", take a different path with the past; secondly, to do three with three advocates. Redwood industry as a traditional industry, can not be "traditional" trapped. On the basis of adherence to the norms of the tenon structure, to promote development and innovation.

To adhere to the traditional process, to promote innovation. To adhere to handmade, promote the development and use of modern tools. At the same time, to do three changes, change the past store store hospitality model, because the mediocre store is difficult to attract the customer's eye,refinement cheap lounge chair for camping must have innovative sales model, such as holding auction, WeChat friends circle marketing. Change the phenomenon of blind participation in the past, selective participation in some influential, good effect of the trade fair. To change the past that stick to the national standard mahogany phenomenon, pragmatic consumers want the culture of mahogany, rather than the material of the mahogany, so you can choose some of the national standard mahogany wood.

Speaking of mahogany furniture, product innovation trends, Zhao Fuying that "low quality to do" "new Chinese rise" will become the two main trends, namely the use of low-end wood to produce high-quality products and more and more enterprises Will focus on the development of new Chinese mahogany furniture. In addition, Zhao Fuying to want to get involved in the new Chinese mahogany furniture business recommendations,best camping equipment company to consider the six aspects of the problem, namely, design strength, production force, management power, channel strength, market positioning and store selection, can not follow suit, action.

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