short-term in lumber price

Adding release what is held to expect is compare in the market rare one of lumber that be short of, the businessman expresses, as a result of monovalent on the high side and the arrival with seasonal plum rains, add release what is held to expect building site dosage decreases at present. Too harbor adds the storehouse blessing[url=]composite patio flooring ideas portugal[/url] brand adds a pine norms of 38*89 of makings of 3 class mouth, 2.44m quotes 1530 yuan are controlled, add a pine norms of 38*89 of makings of 4 class mouth, 2.44m quote 1300-1380 yuan.

Demand of downstream last week market still fatigued and weak, volume of shipment of log plank market is average, wait-and-see mood continues to hold dominant position, predict short-term in lumber [url=]composite wood for window trim[/url] price appears rise to still come true hard. "Environmental protection go ahead of the rest " entrance floor suffers approbate, homebred floor is overtaking stage by stage,

The environmental protection standard such as home, Europe, Japan is differ, the brand image that at present homebred floor goes after Ou Biao to be lived in in order to make environmental protection material, health more, and import brand criterion to combine international standard and standard of domestic environmental protection,[url=]tongue and groove water resistant exterior decking[/url] more comfortable at infiltrating home market. Besides, the advantage of design of design and color, service makes its comprehensive strength more surpass card of home made product.
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