promote development of green

make its develop demonstrative surveyor's pole for industry of countrywide forest products. Accelerate other people of Lu Na railroad to shed garden to build, accelerate western construction of [url=]decking grooved for traction[/url] heat addition center, transition of ceaseless and contented company upgrades the heat addition demand that enlarges production, promote development of green of wooden industry industry.

Accelerate construction of public service center, rely on condition of facilities of facilities of service center of industry of Linyi timber industry, conformity introduces technical natural resources, [url=]outdoor barefoot friendly decking solutions[/url] strive for national level man-made board quality inspection detects central settle Linyi. Give aid to cultivate backbone bibcock industry.

Pass implantation a batch of dimensions big, actual strength strong, benefit the group of industry of large timber estate with high value of good, brand, around the development production of core product, radiation drives medium and small businesses of large quantities of one form a complete set to develop in coordination, lead industrial transition to upgrade. Aim at glue of the terminal product such as door of domestic and international furniture, ambry, floor, wood and woodworker, [url=]decorative outdoor screen panels[/url] environmental protection before the product of form a complete set such as fittings of sticky agent, hardware 10 build a business compulsively, carry out energetically " 3 bring one hurried " the job, attract an industry Linyi of settle of company of lead dominant position.
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