hardwood from the floor

At present, the wood-processing industry in Suifenhe has gradually become a scale, and it has initially formed four scale timber processing zones, and the drying capacity is 400000 cubic meters.The processing capacity is 3000000 cubic meters, and the industrial output value is 700000000 yuan.
Yield, Di ban kuai, furniture semi-finished products and solid wood chairs, specifications plate and other main varieties of wood products not only have been in Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, and not only.Fujian and other domestic markets,Also exported to Japan, the United States, South Korea and other international markets.
In June 8th, the United States broad-leaved Export Committee held the 10th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia and Greater China.This annual meeting is to show the hardwood from the floor and the panel to furniture manufacturing, from architectural design to interior decoration a series of high-quality use of high quality.
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