Analysis of Furniture Industry Structure

And the collapse of the phenomenon occurred at the same time, is part of the continued expansion of large stores. Analysis refers to benefit from the beginning of this year more than the real estate policy of the relaxation, the home industry have to pick up the momentum. Large stores to seize the opportunity to expand in time to seize more market share. For example, this year on June 18, Shanghai famous quality decoration living museum opened,folding air bed frame supplier which is a major step in Shanghai's adjustment strategy, also marks from October 2015, Shanghai masters decided to gradually abandon the package type, only quality Home improvement try.

Big stores brand concentration, abundant funds, in the second and third tier stores have been withdrawn, is the opportunity to penetrate. Although this is not the road to self-help, at most, only the extension of traditional roads, but large stores for consumers is not without good, such as the above-mentioned Shanghai famous home decoration museum, if the store can keep the brand rich, the price Stability, while improving the supporting services,folding camping garden lounger chairs the introduction of more scenarios marketing, then for consumers, is also very attractive.

Today, the prevalence of cross-border, such as millet cross-border TV, HTC cross-border do VR, Haier cross-border toilet cover, a time all walks of life seem to be open, like how to play on how to play. But the careful consideration, in fact, the so-called "cross-border", but is confined to consumers and industry-specific impression of the enterprise, once the impression was broken, consumers and industry will think he is playing "cross" Kind of phenomenon has occurred very early, and common to the average person will not be seen as a "phenomenon." For example, Panasonic and Toshiba do household appliances, but it entered the field of toilet cover,back pack beach chair with cooler why no one will be seen as cross-border? Today, many companies engaged in the so-called cross-border behavior, in fact, business bottlenecks or found only New China 's normal "physiological response".

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