Treatment of lumber

Inner Mongolia: Treatment of lumber of 3 branches test of association sells a site Recently, urban district of development of group of test of association of epidemic prevention station of plant diseases and insect pests of forest of bureau of public security bureau of forest of collect peaceful area, forestry and composition of silvan wood checkpoint is right the safe production that lumber treatment sells a place to begin by a definite date two days is checked greatly.

The staff member checks lumber to machine sale room In the examination, inspection team undertakes registering to managing the businessman of lumber, ask the source of lumber in detail, whether to deal with lumber to carry card, quarantine card and management treatment license, whether to have business charter, whether does the lumber that is machined have plant diseases and insect pests, lash-up of safe fire prevention saves aid establishment to whether wait for a problem soundly.

Check business door this in all 18, discovery has 2 existence lumber to pile up the problem of invalidation of not orderly, fire extinguisher. Inspection team undertook rectifying and reform to the businessman of existence problem on the spot, instruct a businessman to always must maintain high vigilance, make step of good fire prevention seriously, make sure fire control establishment is complete, build system of perfect safe production, the happening of accident of comprehensive defense fire.
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