board industry

In 2005, the forest industry group will continue to extend the industrial chain of the Gen he board industry, and is currently attracting investment.The third is the joint venture with the Chinese township enterprise company and the China Ocean Company Limited, and the 26000000 yuan.
The production of 15000 tons of fruit bag paper project is built and the output value is expected to be 80000000 yuan per year after all production is put into production.In 2004, the production of 8000 tons of fruit bag paper was produced, and the output value was 46800000 yuan.
The fourth is to invest more than 2000 yuan in the expansion of the A li he-expansion layer, which will reach 2000 tons this year.In 2004, the factory realized the output value of 23600000 yuan, and the tax profit was 9000000 yuan.At present, the factory has established a good supply and demand relationship with 68 in the country, with the domestic market share of 60%.
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