Polyester FDY may alter according to the physique of stitch

Now let’s altercate these Polyester Yarn jipusi-yarn.com factors broadly:

1. Arrangement of fabrics:

Fabric arrangement is one of the factors during bed-making thread consumption. Thus, beneath blubbery bolt requires few threads, but thicker bolt requires other thread.

2. Stitch density:

We allegation to calculation stitch physique while authoritative bed-making thread consumption. The aggregate of bed-making thread may alter according to the physique of stitch. Added physique of stitch requires added thread than lower stitch physique in the garments.

3. Accoutrement size:

Size of the accoutrement has a abundant appulse on thread consumption. If admeasurement of accoutrement is high, afresh needs other thread to sew the garments. So, it is accompanying to the aggregate of bed-making thread.

4. Plies of fabrics to be sewn:

Number of plies to be sewn is proportional to the aggregate of bed-making thread. So, we allegation to accede it during burning authoritative otherwise, we will face curtailment botheration in aggregate production.

5. Stitch type:

It should be kept in apperception that the aggregate of bed-making thread depends on the attributes of stitch. Usually, alternation stitch requires other thread than lock stitch.

6. Aloft of thread:

If the aloft of bed-making Polyester FDY jipusi-yarn.com is low afresh it requires other thread during bed-making operation because of tearing. So we should annex bigger aloft bed-making thread to get bigger performance. It’s a actual important agency to abate the diffusion of bed-making thread during bed-making process.
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