Furniture industry profits shrink, wardrobe will be affected

With the development of society, all walks of life are in the price. Similarly, in the furniture industry, raw materials and labor costs, etc., especially the increase in solid wood furniture is also larger, then, with the solid wood prices, wardrobe enterprises are also facing raw materials have to follow the rise,cleaning outdoor furniture cushion covers that in the Raw materials prices behind the future of the wardrobe business sales strategy whether to follow the adjustment strategy?

Often visiting the furniture store consumers, will find furniture prices, especially solid wood furniture. Through the market survey found that at present, the production of solid wood furniture, raw materials, hardware accessories, labor costs are continued to rise, the resulting furniture prices not only has become a reality, will become the future trend. On the one hand,outdoor patio accessories dealers the domestic and the United States, Brazil and other raw materials origin of high-quality solid wood less and less, on the other hand is the domestic consumer of solid wood furniture more and more preferences, raw materials in short supply situation will naturally lead to high finished furniture.

In recent years, with the integration of furniture market integration, first-line solid wood furniture brands continue to enter Chengdu, these brands to a certain extent, the impact of the Chengdu market price system. Due to raw materials, labor costs continued to rise and other factors,radiator drying rack supplier in recent years, furniture prices are rising, his agent brand at the end of last year has been slightly up once, the face of solid wood prices have been rising, wardrobe business as a related brand Should the profits of the marketing market shrink?

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