claim their floor

Out of the "certificate"misunderstanding, whether the import brand or the domestic brand.There are almost all international and domestic certificates available in the exhibition hall.Therefore, consumers must be aware of whether the merchant has an original (except "customs declaration"), such as the test report each page gap has been stamped with the seal.
At the same time, it depends on the key indicators, whether there is any alteration.Especially for very good indicators, users are more cautious.See if there are addresses and contact ways: phone, fax, web site etc.In short, it is necessary to grasp the documents that the merchant provides to the consumer, whether accurate, reliable, effective, can withstand the test.
Out of the "damp-proof"misunderstanding from the market, although some merchants have some floor prices are very low, but claim their floor is not afraid of water,Even long-time blisters and boiled water are no problem.HDF is composed of wood fiber, and according to European standard, the water absorption thickness expansion rate of HDF is less than 20%.
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