Care and maintenance of compound wood

Real wood floor is laid in the home, at every turn two 30 thousand, spent the floor board that big price buys, ferial in besides convention wax safeguard, needing the work that do still is not little really.[url=]Building Curved Flower Box[/url] In season of a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn for instance the high temperature of 40 ℃ bakes broil to fall, of wooden floor prevent bask in measure, and the moistureproof measure of thunderstorm weather time is waited a moment, whether is conserve job done properly, matter to the service life of wooden floor directly.

The skin that resembles some people is very smooth, and the skin of some people resembles moon face however of same bumpy, is this after all why? Still follow an individual at ordinary times habits and customs is having very big concern,[url=]faux bamboo siding uv resistant[/url] the floor board in resembling our home is same, some families can be used 5 years pretty good, and what some families can use 20 years however is long. Small today make up the floor life that gives 2 action to allow your home to big handed down from the older generations of the family to lengthen.

One, below 40 ℃ high temperature prevent bask in a method

Last recently high temperature, our person was overcome, be a floor what is more,the rather that? Old hot days,Wooden floor Can shorten easily from seam, when floor interior water divides evaporate to be sent,[url=]Fireproof Wooden Fence Qatar[/url] the joining together of the floor is in aperture broaden, calculated air conditioning to be blown desperately trashy also, the method of the simplest save trouble is bedroom of morning and evening much more ventilated, breathe freely, medicinal powder hot, generally speaking, the floor that stands by the balcony or window leaves more easily seam, bubbly, so the nobody in the home when, shading cloth should have been pulled, hold off sunshine to be baked to the direct broil of the floor.

2, the moistureproof method of thunderstorm weather

The last ten-day of a month will see rain eventually this year in August, air is humid when raining, water branch makes wooden floor puffy, be out of shape an arch. At that time besides when close a window in time or stopping rain ventilated outside, do more as far as possible do wax maintain, follow like caressing skin, increase some of nutrient more to the floor.[url=]about ecological composite material[/url] Compound floor can be done commonly wax protection, the owner of good to firm shop floor, as far as possible some more laborious, every month makes before accomplishing 3 months candle, conduce to eliminate floor humidity so, prolong life.

Conditional word, still can go up to floor shop moistureproof film, in order to avoid damp infiltration, when pulling the land, notice mop does not want too wet, twist dry moisture as far as possible. Abide by good above at 2 o'clock, the floor of your home can delay birthday 5-10 year.

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