lawful to lumber

Plywood exports sheet of a list of names posted up of 100 strong companies (2016 year) Russia Yi city will implement system of lumber calling card 2017,According to " Siberia news network " [url=]freeze thaw rice husk composite[/url] reported on Feburary 10, ci of library of Russia Yi Er overcame a city to will implement system of lumber calling card 2017, convenient lawful to lumber sex undertakes checking.

At present this city has 1000 lumber to ship car about, a few months will be aimed at all car and system of carriage lumber executive calling card recently: "Will deserve to send electronic [url=]polywood wall panel lumber wholesale in taiwan[/url] calling card to carriage driver, timber place of production is recorded above, carriage destination and approval file.

Examine personnel and unit can numerate at any time with special apparatus these data " . Bey of family of the respect that list a husband expresses, this city still will enlarge the [url=]options for old concrete patio[/url] amount that lumber trades in bourse, have will conduce to form reasonable lumber price, eliminate what lumber trades and carry to violate act.
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