fake and shoddy products

happy to stay only a few days, the whole family on the formaldehyde poisoning into the hospital. Who lives in Jiyang County, Mr. Zhang bought a set of more than 150 square meters of new houses, introduced in a friend, he hired a decoration company. More than a month after the renovation completed,
Mr. Zhang happily moved into a new house, but did not live a few days a family has appeared dizziness, nausea symptoms. To the hospital a check, the result is formaldehyde poisoning. Mr. Zhang immediately find someone to detect, the results show that the formaldehyde content of the floor than the normal standard 10 times,
but also fake and shoddy products. Mr. Zhang is very angry, yesterday to the Jinan Development Zone, industrial and commercial complaints, but the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to the decoration company inspection, the decoration company has long been disappeared.Bayer flooring big Wuhan flagship store 4 .7 dress up "spring wind He Xi no words,
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