Furniture business fight brand development

June 25, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, was informed that the city building materials furniture industry will move out of Zunyi central city. It is understood that Zunyi building materials sales of furniture scattered in every corner of the city,Ransel tempat tidur perkhemahan luaran with the increasingly congested urban traffic, furniture, building materials distribution vehicles out of the city is very inconvenient, long parking street will be affixed tickets to the business operators to bring no small trouble The In view of this, the furniture building materials industry gradually out of the city, Zunyi City, one of the important urban planning.

Zouyi City Bureau of Commerce Deputy Director Zhang Xianmin told reporters that with the advancement of urban construction, the city has been linked with Zunyi City Center as a whole, and the connection area is open, unified planning, the environment than the crowded Zunyi central city loose many. With the investment,Dapur luar kerusi keluli tahan karat Zunyi Jiuding International Building Materials Furniture City settled in this connection zone of the Chouzhou District Longkeng town, the total area of ​​315 acres, with a total construction area of ​​more than 40 million square meters, Zunyi central city can meet all the building materials business households Whole move in.

It is reported that Zunyi Jiuding international building materials furniture city after the first use, has been divided from the city center of Zunyi hundreds of building materials business households. The current two will be put into use, can absorb thousands of building materials household business households. Zunyi City Building Materials Association, the person in charge told reporters that the sale of furniture, furniture, selling points out of the city, the public to buy furniture is also very convenient,Katil sofa terbaik untuk pangsapuri in the crowded city to buy building materials furniture, parking is difficult, and building materials furniture city planning a large parking lot, parking is not a problem.

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