The 5 big questions with wood floor

1. The reason of available sound noise is fixed and disloyal be caused by, basically be Mao Ban and keel, Mao Ban and wood floor nail amount little or nail not firmly, because change of plank moisture content causes systole or glue fluid,be sometimes unqualified be caused by. Accordingly, the process of the quality such as moisture content of tightened inspection plank, adhesive appears particularly important.[url=]how much for porch handrails per foot[/url] The ability after certificate of proof is used, the nail when installation shoulds not be too little.

2. Exterior cobbly is main the reason is basic level rough or ground batten is out of shape a bosomy be caused by. When construction, applied level foot is right keel surface make level, if rough should stow-wood is adjusted.[url=]Composite Material White Picket Fences[/url] Should do on keel ventilated small chamfer. Board edge is apart from metope to answer put apart the ventilated aperture of 10 millimeter. Material of layer of heat preservation sound insulation must dry, avoid strike of of people of talent of board be affected with damp be affected with damp.[url=]Pvc Ceiling Board Tanzania[/url] Wooden wood floor Exterior flatness error should be in 1 millimeter less than.

3. The reason with lax flat-fell seam besides the installation in construction non-standard outside, the width on size error of plank reachs treatment quality to differ greatly also is main reason.

4. Local become warped main reason of beat is out of shape except bat be affected with damp be affected with damp outside, return hairiness board flat-fell seam too small or without seam, in using, the be caused by of slack bubble wet wood floor such as conduit.[url=]Wood plastic composite Wallboard manufacturer in Finland[/url] After wood floor shop is installed, besmear brushs wood floor lacquer to answer paint film is complete, current should prevent to enter wood floor bottom in be being used daily, should clear in time the seeper of facing.

5. The wood floor should use environmental protection tool in cut process, avoid the harm that harmful material wood chip, dust, formaldehyde causes.

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