Several solutions to the problem of ultrafine mill rust

The ultrafine mill is an important equipment in the milling production line. The quality and efficiency of the equipment directly affect the quality and output of the finished product. Generally speaking, the equipment often needs to be exposed to wind and rain. During the long-term use, the surface will appear rusty, wear and tear. If the processing is not timely, it will affect the service life and production efficiency of the ultrafine grinding mill, even cause serious wear and tear and shorten the service life. Now, our experts tell you several ways to solve the problem of rusting in ultrafine mills.

Ultra fine grinding mill is an iron product. There are many iron surfaces, which leak out in the air and become rusty after contact with air and water. On the surface of iron products, we can spray with mineral oil, paint or enamel, etc.. On the steel surface, by plating and hot dipping, we can use two layers of metal coating, such as zinc, chromium, nickel and tin. They do not rust easily. These metal surfaces can form two layers of dense oxide film, thus preventing the iron products from contacting water, air and other materials and rusting. We can also use chemical methods to make the iron products surface forming two layers of oxide film, to prevent the rusting of iron products.

The adhesion between the corrosion coating and the steel plate is destroyed by the impact of the high pressure water jet and the lever effect of water. The method has no dust pollution, no damage, greatly improves the rust removal efficiency and the quality of equipment, and eliminates environmental pollution. But after rust removal, two steps are needed to prevent further rusting. We need to apply special anti rust paint to the surface, which greatly improves the properties of the coating.
Small scale wind driven or electric derusting

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