substrate of floorboard

The common cracks in the floor are caused by this.Good base material must also make the thickness of the layer thickness evenly distributed, because from the angle of moisture-proof,The surface of the product and the back of the back board will be in contact with the humidity in varying degrees.
The interlayer of different thickness with uniform density on the realization of the product resulting from the expansion rate of water absorbing moisture more consistent, so that the size of the performance more stable.Because the lock structure is based on the processing of substrate interlayer of different thickness to ensure inter-layer homogeneous density is to ensure that the lock size, strength, adhesion of the key,It is also an important means of deformation resistance of beauty products.
The production of raw materials base,Processing Technology of health indicators, on the one hand the finished floor and the decision of process control for substrate of floorboard and the chemical reaction fully, in the manufacturing process as long as the adhesive preparationFree formaldehyde can be effectively controlled.
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