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Angelle Chang (1977) is born in Eindhoven high end childrens clothing , the Netherlands and Daughter of Cantonese parents from Hong Kong. She studied Sociology and Fashion School in Rotterdam. Angelle was a Professional Model, also seen on the Catwalk of Amsterdam, New York and LA Fashion Week. She was also Fashion Editor at Xin Magazine.

Rotterdam is where her home is, The Hague is where she designs and works on her Fashion. She makes Fashion for Confidence inspired by her son Jowin (2011) born with a Cleft.

Angelle’s 2 nd Homes are in Hong Kong and in LA where her families lives today. I love Asian food in LA & Hong Kong! PS you can wake me up for Duria

– Angelle Chang

Made in Holland

All designs are made in Holland. Angelle works with different highly experienced Ateliers in the Netherlands. One of them is Marian Atelier in the Hague, run by a Dutch lady with 50 years of experience.

Angelle’s Signature Collection

This collection uses the most traditional and premium quality Dutch tea towel as its inspiration. The grid patterned tea towel is a symbolic element of traditional Dutch family culture. In Holland, everyone can always flashback to their childhood where their mums use these grid patterned tea towels to take out the freshly baked apple pie with the kaneel apple fragrance and sweetness which lingers around the whole house. This is a typical Dutch household scene, along with several other instances where one can recall their mums or other family members using these tea towels for doing a bit of every kind of household chores.

Angelle got the inspiration for this collection from a family festivity, where Angelle’s cheeky little son grabbed the tea towel from her and put it around himself to imitate his mum’s actions. The designer vividly recalls how that moment made everyone laugh. This tea towel is a symbolic traditional staple in the Dutch family culture, while being incredibly multi-purpose it is also of high quality. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and maintains great colour despite repeated washes. The main specialty of this grid pattern is the unique way of organizing the cotton thread, which makes one color thread shown as two colors.These elements make Angelle’s Tea Towel Collection, Hollandia Textile, very fashionable yet full of warm familial feelings.
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