The development of market of ultrafine mill

The geological structure is the Taihang Mountain mountain torrent alluvial fan, flat, fertile soil, rich water, geothermal and sand stone resources, the ancient Youyan soil, Du Kang fertile said. The abundant sand stone resources has also brought the development opportunity for ultrafine mill. With the increasing development of the economy, the development of ultrafine mill has already ushered in the spring. Ultimately, ultrafine mill in mechanism of sand production line in the figure.Crushing, plastic ultrafine mill is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials.

Has been widely used in sand making industry. ultrafine mill is composed of a feed hopper, feeder, vortex dynamic crushing cavity, an impeller body, spindle assembly, a base, a transmission device and a motor is composed of seven parts. Among them, the structure of feed hopper for a inverted prismoid (or cylinder), the feed port is arranged on the wear ring. Distributor mounted in a swirling crushing chamber of the upper. The distributor is the role of will from feeding hopper incoming shunt, so that a portion of the material through the center into feed tube directly into the impeller is gradually accelerated to a high velocity projectile out, the other part of the material outside the bypass pipe into the vortex dynamic crushing cavity from outside into the center of the impeller.

The annular space vortex structure shaped crushing cavity into two parts and cylinder composition, impeller in the vortex dynamic crushing cavity high speed rotation, the vortex crushing cavity can stay materials, forming material lining layer. A hollow cylinder impeller structure made of special material production, installed in the upper end of the spindle shaft head assembly.

Spindle assembly is installed on the base, to transfer the motor through the triangle belt came to power and supporting the impeller rotation movement. Driving device adopts belt transmission mechanism of single motor or double motor drive. Reasonable structure design to ensure the efficient performance of ultrafine mill. A mechanism of sand a complete production line of little also not play sand machine. large play sand machine also often appear in the mechanism of sand production line. sand making equipment manufacturers usually according to the customer's specific situation design for mechanism of sand production line of customers. Customers in the selection process equipment, have any questions, you can consult our online customer service.
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