home all the floor covered with floor

After returning to Beijing, suitable for home decoration, in the ground decoration materials, the selection of the main floor of the floor, when she looked at a number of brand floor are not satisfied, think of the town from the Nanxun Yongji floor. After some comparison, Yongji floor with its unique tree spirituality and noble tone touched her,
and finally communicate with the designer, her home all the floor covered with Yongji floor. Sincere achievements endorsement If the home decoration choice Yongji floor is Ni Ping's personal preferences, then as Yongji floor image spokesperson is not a simple personal problem. As a well-known host of the country,
her social responsibility is much higher than the personal choice of preferences, in the endorsement of any brand before have been a lot of consideration and inspection. In order to be able to invite Ni Ping as Yongji endorsement, Yong Ji Wood Company Chairman Mr. Hu Zhigqing repeatedly to Beijing and Ni Ping to explain the Yongji brand heritage and development prospects.
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