strengthen the floor

There is also the floor, not only the skirting board and detained for enquiries to charge, and even installation of the fee alone;So which of the consumers would be more effective?Are there any guarantees for the quality of the skirting board and the detained for enquiries that are provided free of charge and free?
Most brands are fully informed, and many brands are basically full-package prices.Doyle, Ke nuo sen hua, steel, Daoud, and other brands have promised to strengthen the floor and solid wood composite floor price.All include installation fee, skirting board, buckle, glue, floor mat and transportation and other related costs.
Doyle spell oak 8.2mm thick reinforced floor price for 99 yuan / square meters, 8mm thick Zhen wen gold oak 98 yuan / square meters.And Ke nuo sen hua 8mm thick classical oak reinforced floor 108 yuan / square meter, 11.3mm thick walnut reinforced floor 128 yuan / square meters.
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