company product demands

Pass a series of hard, company product demands exceeds supply in the market, sales volume of only in August 2016 month achieves thirty-three thousand three hundred M³ , [url=]veranda plastic tongue and groove decking boards[/url] achieve the history new tall, year sales volume realizes 330 thousand M³ , sales revenue 363 million yuan, net profit amounts to many yuan 2400, greet a company to be produced completely sell completely reach make up the deficits and get surpluses favorable situation.

Broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, raise man-made board service advantage,Auspicious fill a company to produce only waste time, raw material to buy through be being begun deep, goods and materials is purchased, the product is packed, content shedding is carried, product sale and 5 public funds 7 big board [url=]wood and plastic composite life time[/url] piece cut down expense add stop an activity, the tube of essence of life that realized pair of cost is thin accuse.

"The company had specific aim ground to make cut down expense add accept incentive plan, divide an one by one and each relevant section signs responsibility form, [url=]cover old patio floor[/url] make clear authority duty, award is punished trenchant, form try to overtake each other in friendly emulation effectively, than the managing, good competition atmosphere that closes than adding, each spending falls steadily. "Auspicious fill company general manager Liao Bing beyond says.
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