North enterprises rely on solid wood war market is still the main theme

Yesterday, Chengdu furniture show on a variety of new design, new materials, the new "play" home, can be described as numerous laps. "We developed this software,electric inflatable boat pumps you can achieve the user online design, select the furniture, according to their own home units and favorite style to choose furniture and place, after the completion of the placement can be made 3D renderings, allowing users to intuitively Understand the whole home improvement effect, real-time rendering of the space effect and product selection program can give consumers closer to the real consumer choice. "According to Jason home exhibition area of ​​information technology staff, this software collection of more than 300 domestic and foreign Furniture brand, there are tens of thousands of different types of furniture, consumers can buy are real in the sale of furniture, see the effect map, do not have to imagine it is suitable where the right, homes can choose Own favorite products. Reporters also in the Century City Hall 2 Museum of goods is still home with the scene to experience the VR US home, virtual reality in the room as a whole to the main red color, first entered the living room, click on the button on the glasses can enter the master bedroom and children room. Wearing glasses can be around, before and after the switch angle, 720 degrees panoramic view, deep sense of immersion.

Have you seen the coffee table can also purify the air? In the Xibo City Hall 12 Hall of the sensitive furniture exhibition, a device with a cleaner coffee table sure to be able to meet your curiosity. "Haze, furniture can also move, this small coffee table can purify 20 square meters of space it!" Kelly furniture booth staff told reporters that "coffee inside the air purifier opened, able to purify almost one Living room volume of air,hot selling useful famous brand foldable beach chair and such a coffee table market price of 500 yuan -800 yuan. Furniture in addition to good-looking practical, but also to focus on innovation, to serve the health. "In addition, Century City Hall 2 Museum of the exhibition is showing its love Sea series of products, the set of furniture to white and water blue-based colors, carved simple and exotic style, quite fantastic colors. The product is not only high value, environmental quality is also clearance. According to the staff of the Yadan Pavilion, the series is mainly used in non-formaldehyde plate, the surface covered with "skin sensitive film." Feel like a baby's skin, both environmentally friendly and full of human experience.

The first day of the furniture exhibition can only use the "popular burst" to describe the atmosphere of the scene, many exhibitors said that the expected effect for the imagination, the first day let them surprise. "We have completed the scheduled target, and seek cooperation in the store has nearly 20,buy flat clothes airers and from the morning to now did not stop, the busiest time in the exhibition are basically difficult to move." Chengdu De Bang Bo Furniture Co., Ltd. sales Director Ren Changjian said.

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