To buy the floor to ask the exact name

Installed in the northern region of the floor, if the water content is too high, it will shrink shrink. To buy the floor to ask the exact name Jia said, "commonly known as" the floor prone to two problems: First, low-end wood called high-grade timber sales, such as some Indonesian pomelo, South American pomelo, paprika floor,
consumers mistaken Is teak, in fact, not teak, these commonly known are not accurate. Second, once the consumer found the problem but no complaints. Therefore, Mr. Jia reminded consumers to buy wood flooring, the first must be asked to clear the exact name, and secondly in the development of the invoice, be sure to write the correct name, rather than writing commonly known.
Because once you buy some kind of teak after the results found that in fact not teak, looking for business complaints, people say that this is commonly known as �� �� pomelo, you agree to buy, will complain no door. Wood floor name has been the national standard, consumers can refer to national standards.
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