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Berry, 73, described the stress of being investigated for nine years, suspended from the bench for four months, and then criminally prosecuted for conduct that dated back more than a decade. "I've been dragged through the newspapers; all my family has been through this," Berry told Judge S. Berry Jr.

Repeat the wash on the other side. The University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine distributed a questionnaire to family physicians. Ninety one percent of respondents used nasal irrigation for chronic rhinosinusitis. It was a little bit different, but hey, we still playing and we excited that we have this opportunity in front of us. O his coaching staff and players were functioning on less than a full night sleep Wednesday, the day ended with a positive development. Pitcher Connor Jones, a sophomore who graduated from Great Bridge High in Chesapeake, accepted an invitation to play for the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team.

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THE BUZZ: New Kent is for real offensively, averaging 338 yards in two close losses, with running back Davion Barnes tallying 470 yards and five TDs. As always, the challenge for the Trojans will be defensive, especially against a Tabb team averaging a district high 270 yards rushing. Should be very close..

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