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home lights, but also with the modern style of furniture into the Chinese family, it is also with this simple design style of the lamp, only pay more attention to the design simple, pay attention to reasonable, full use of light The lighting efficiency and furniture pavilions. But not the traditional concept of the kind of complex structure, colorful, bulky shape, the design of

light to avoid the full use of light fixtures. This is a revolution in design ideas. At the same time, this high-end fashion lighting design also meet energy requirements. Trend II: beautiful and practical pursuit of individual ideal home decoration lamp concept will be beautiful, practical, personalized. Emphasize the self, the pursuit of personality will become the primary

choice for many customers. The furniture and lighting on the market increasingly rich for customers to provide more choices, and customer preferences of the personalized and furniture and lighting development of the proposed higher requirements to promote the continuous integration of furniture and lighting. Trend 3: people-oriented energy conservation With the

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