window of material

its production technology and product environmental protection are reliable, among them stoving uses a heat and power plant more than heat, raise the sources of energy greatly integrated utilization rate. After classics modified is handled fast raw material density increases, mechanical intensity increases,[url=]cedar vs pressure treated wood for a deck[/url] dimension stability and wear are better, and have excellent opportunity to machine function, can regard a floor as base material, high-grade furniture uses window of material, door in with material.

Actor forest science and technology decides last a period of time of trial production phase one year from the project, with the capital construction of the efficient factory that finish, at present the factory has entered trial production phase, little part equipment still is being debugged, [url=]overstock decking material for sale[/url] after the Spring Festival will choose period holds practice ceremony.

Yan Jingji, Dai Weilun and group of beautiful of Cao early in the morning visited plant area of actor forest science and technology, understanding factory manufactures technology. [url=]wood cardboard composite pallets[/url] Suddenly to the program of future of actor forest science and technology total introduction arrives, future of actor forest science and technology will use up lumber every year 300 thousand cubic metre, give priority to in order to import material among them, new Zealand also will become the main source state of raw material of actor forest science and technology,
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