floor of other rooms

Then, the floor of other rooms appeared in succession.By Mr Xu's measurement, 70 m2 of the floor of the floor were raised to different degree.Helpless, Mr. Xu separately found decoration company and floor sellers reflect.
Although the decoration company and the floor sellers are coming to Mr. Xu's home to see the situation, but deny that it is their own problems, always can not solve the solution.Decoration party: floor water moisture is too low yesterday, reporters called the decoration of the house of Shanghai Seiitsu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
The company's stone manager told reporters that he had seen the floor of Mr Xu's floor, but had not yet decided who would be responsible for the floor.The director of the stone said Mr Xu bought Qi ban, they are in the renovation process also according to the Qi ban laying process operation, there is no problem.
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