factory of the biggest lumber

Processing factory of the biggest lumber is faced with Australia of log in short supply cut down the member of persons employed,According to bay new company information, the Zhou Si of lumber processing factory of this dimension city tells his 250 workers say, if cannot obtain a better result with the negotiation of log supplier, [url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/wall-panel/165.html]singapore garden wood deck cheap[/url] the factory will begin to cut down the member of persons employed from September.

This company shows, dimension state administrative division establishs cutting company VicForests to cannot offer enough to let a factory maintain operational lumber to supply.[url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/boat-deck/3879.html]marine plywood floor price[/url] This company says in a statement, of the factory live the lumber that needs to have certain and stable amount is supplied. And the least amount difference of the 130 thousand stere that the raw material amount of the 80 thousand stere that VicForests offers and factory run a need is too big.

And VicForests expresses, the supply that they provide will decrease, with ensuring the industry grows but durative. The Zhou Si of chief Clinton Tilley of ASH company is informed when the staff meeting with VicForests, in 3 years of future, its factory can acquire the in part that makes supply of [url=http://wpcgardenfence.com/outdoor-deck/1162.html]deckrite exterior concrete covering[/url] material log contract at present every year only. Long Jaala Pulford of hall of development of dimension city district predicts to will be in a few weeks of future inside the staff meeting with ASH company.
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