start with floor

He reminded consumers to buy wood flooring should be to consult relevant experts, discern seriously, not to be counterfeit to buy a home. Recently, the price of the solid wood floor has been rising, almost a day at a price.Many consumers even have to start with floor "of futures business, haven't got the keys to the new house, save up to buy the floor.
Only rise but not fall in more than a year, "croton", "Merbau", "twin leaf brazilwood" almost all types of wood flooring in prices this year, and often a price of the day, remained above 10% per cent, high then it could reach 40%, or even 50%.
"I sold the floor of the last ten years, never seen such a phenomenon only rise but not fall in more than a year, and go up the range is also more and more serious."the decoration city one household to talk about the price is also very deeply felt.
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