carry out the work on the national

The fourth is the China Forest Products Industry Association decorative paper Committee Deputy Secretary-General, Tianjin Zhongyuan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. He Zitian. As well as China Forest Products Industry Association Decoration Paper Committee Deputy Secretary-General, timber industry magazine editor Jiang Zheng.
And we are invited by the German Tricino mining materials Co., Ltd. Manager Mr. Chen Zhiming, and so he will give us all a keynote speech. I am the Deputy Secretary-General of China Forest Products Industry Association, Secretary of the Secretary for Decorative Paper, China's man-made board magazine director Tang Zhaoqun.
First of all, allow me to welcome the arrival of the Association of Decorative Paper on the arrival of everyone. The core issue of our meeting today is quality and standards, which will be divided into two parts. We will carry out the work on the national standards and drafting of the decorative paper industry.
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