permanent even shut

Will look at present, the mixture tax rate that can predict will exceed 30% , and so high mixture tax rate will bring about Canadian sawmill considerably reduction of output, permanent even shut. Meanwhile, [url=]retro patio furniture design[/url] canadian sawmill will more attention off shore export the market, in order to reduce the dependence of pair of United States markets -- this may bring concussion to Chinese market. On May 9, 2017, in lumber commerce environment still below not clear case,

british Colombian province will be held provincial general election, this general election general and be elected as presidential Telangpu one case, [url=]iron finials wholesale in israel[/url] increase more politics for lumber industry and commerce colour and dramatic. Linyi plywood exports 2.16 billion dollar to realize the history new tall,Linyi is old quarter of the whole nation's famed Yi Meng revolution, be " of Chinese plank " . 2016, linyi city exports wood 47 thousand batches, 2.16 billion dollar,

grow 17.9% respectively compared to the same period, 9.4% , among them, exit plywood thirty-four thousand seven hundred batches, 1.78 billion dollar, plywood exports the whole nation the first, 30% what occupy the whole nation to export total value about. Linyi city wood exports a nation 186, [url=]eco waterproof flooring[/url] exit production treatment registers the business that register 303, involve export company 1011. In the international market low fan, below the case with exit severe situation, wood exports implementation to go against force growth.
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