The ground is warm in be not heating period to need is safeguarded and maintain

Assistant dean of academy of science of forestry of province of committee member of expert of association of industry of Chinese forest products, Jilin (researcher) , quality of Jilin province forest products is supervised examine station stationmaster

Board edge rouses Bao Zhanjiang to change a floor to complain quite large proportion, be in especially environment of northward the heat of the earth's interior, because ground temperature change is bigger,[url=]wind resistant fencing panels[/url] in the process of heating, the moisture change of the ground joins a floor board, bring about board edge to rouse a bag. Complain in this kind in, a lot of consumer consider as product quality the problem, some agency consider as an environment the problem. Often be bilateral conflict does not fall,[url=]outdoor cladding for sale in Miri[/url] cannot limit liability, brought a lot of troubles to complaint handling, also had appeared a few faults are sentenced and miscarriage of justice.

The origin of 1 moisture

The building of new complete, in those days the moisture content in floor is in 15% above, southern and highest can amount to 20% the left and right sides, no matter be environment of the heat of the earth's interior or common environment,[url=]plastic wood like panel North America[/url] after installing a floor board, always should run from inside the ground a few moisture. If be environment of the heat of the earth's interior, in winter heating later period, the moisture content in the ground is in 6% the following, the water that controls close 100kg in floor of a ton of cement that is to say should running. Accordingly, after project of the heat of the earth's interior ends, should put period of time more as far as possible again floor, had better be first heat addition installs a floor board again after period of time the meeting is some safer.[url=]custom wood plastic composite floor Ukraine[/url] In fact, a lot of consumer are install a floor board before long after project of the heat of the earth's interior ends, the ground is done not have very good dry, more do not do first heat addition installs a floor board again after period of time. The security that gives a floor board brings hidden trouble, also raised taller requirement to the moistureproof processing of the floor at the same time.

The phenomenon that 2 floors complain

Duck's egg bag appears by the side of floor board, single bag appears in two floors among, have a plenty of many packets of existence in the; some among two floors couplet becomes, appear in the room irregular distributing. Detailed sees figure below:

Pursue the 1 sound that produces in floor termination includes an appearance

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