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The sense you get, when sitting here among the art and plants free shipping kids clothing , is that you have gatecrashed someone’s Pinterest. Here is the distressed dark wood, the Japanese porcelain, the deceptively flattering dress. “Nobody,” says Movsoumova, leaning in as if sharing a secret, “nobody ‘wakes up like this’. So I’ve gone around the world finding these designers, these ceramics, so you don’t have to.”

Here you can recreate this aspirational life, down to the marble floor, for around £250 – everything is for sale. In the window, plants from London-based florist Grace & Thorn rustle slightly as a customer enters. “Instagram has given rise to the fashionable plant as social signifier,” explains Grace & Thorn’s Nik Southern. “People Instagram their cheese plants like they would a new handbag, and some plants are more fashionable than others! Right now,” she reveals, “we are seeing fiddle-leaf figs rise in popularity, which could be linked to the appearance of one in the HQ of Céline. We know that as soon as a designer features a plant at a fashion show, such as Raf Simons with bluebells at Dior, it will become the must-have – we get people tagging us in photos as soon as this happens so we know what to expect!”

A short jog away, in the space adjacent to the Ace Hotel, echoing the Bloomsbury Group’s Omega Workshops, Jonathan Anderson has opened JW Anderson’s Workshops, where he will invite kindred spirits to work with him on experiential projects. His new collaborators range from ceramicists to singers, the first being Spanish magazine publisher Luis Venegas. Next door is That Flower Shop – tiny succulents spill on to the pavement. This need for urban greenery, Movsoumova believes, is another reaction to our lives online. “There is something soulless about being on the computer all day, which is part of why we desire things like juices, organic foods, and yes, plants.” We want to feel surrounded by nature, by beauty, because of the gaps in our tech-filled lives. And the role of fashion, she says, has become to “sell into a space where something is missing”. All we need is to be shown the way.
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