deserted woodiness material

cupreous chromic arsenic (limitation of CCA) wood preservative is used. Technology of lumber heat treatment, flame retardant, modified, and high cost of deserted woodiness material and crop straw uses industrialization dimensions to promote significantly. Timberwork factory is prefab change technical level to rise significantly,

timberwork is built year build an area to break up one time, it is timberwork fire prevention, anticorrosive, mature to defend termite technology. Wood is dry specific power consumption reduces year of industry 10% the left and right sides. Coating of carpentry of ability in swimming produces per year a quantity to occupy than 70% above.

" plan " the main job that still offers a trade, should advance lumber to protect technical green to change, service of industrial product standardization, manufacturing industry is changed. At the same time the key pushs 5 big projects, it is project of promotion of quality of anticorrosive lumber product, "[url=]cheap exterior railing ideas philippines[/url],[url=]can ultra decking be used for table[/url],[url=]house for vinyl fence siding[/url]"
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