Detailed of rehabilitate of floor of damage real wood is solved

Floor of choose and buy looks in a lot of friends probably is a difficult problem, introduce the small doohickey of floor of a few choose and buys for everybody today, want our sharpen one's eyes only,[url=]german deck wood company[/url] probably everything is not quite difficult.

Do not want credulous and false attestation

Health is this, the biggest killer in decorating material is free formaldehyde, the material that environmental protection exceeds bid is light to the harm of human body giddy and disgusting, cause the malign disease such as leukaemia again,[url=]composite fence boards uk[/url] environmental protection is the so most significant. The floor wants when choosing a floor board complementary makings is comprehensive environmental protection, want to see its floor whether have attestation of mark of Chinese environmental protection.

Do not pursue cheap only

Itself of compound wood floor is high-tech child, and is the floor that 29 yuan of every square metre appear on the market why? The solid body of 45 grams above that layer of good floor wear-resisting uses an entrance commonly 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, wear-resisting is spent achieve second floor of AC3 above; to use 20 grams to control homebred wear-resisting layer, do not have wear-resisting layer even. Second floor decorates a faintness to send a holiday, the sun is long-term illuminate can fade density of material of core of; [url=]build pavilion for outdoor[/url]good floor is high and even, pure wood fiber is long, formaldehyde is released low, moistureproof very changeless form. Material of second floor core is miscellaneous wood short staple more and have a large number of bark, cause core capable person nigrescent, density is low inhomogenous, need is many sizy bind, so formaldehyde is released exceed bid badly, receive the strike since damp and changeful form.

The choice serves not credulous and false promises

After be being ordered because of the floor, want to a fixed major installs a team to undertake installing, want to have specific installation standard and service demand.

The on the market a lot of businessmen that sell inferior floor board,[url=]wood supplier directory sale[/url] acceptance protects 15 years character, 30 years lifelong even ensure lifelong and free maintenance character, say its the floor is more not bad than importing floor quality, actually no more than is coax consumer buy, earn money hind 9 years to go person.

Choice brand floor rejects a less known and inferior brand

Its run brand floor board actual strength is stronger, have good after service, professional installation team, the product with reliable quality, alleged a person of high position is liable to be attacked, supervisory strength of country and society is greater, general won't cheat, can safeguard oneself good reputation.

And 5 bad floor owns a less known and inferior brand now the market share of 30% , its are commonly follow suit and enter, can imitate only make, although allege with as good as of character of famous brand floor, but it is floors of these inferior a less known and inferior brand assure without a bit quality in fact, should not say after service more, they hit one gun to trade a place commonly, perhaps change a name to catch resell, let consumer not know what to do, become the culprit that affects health.

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