Explain "stainless steel"

With the improvement of living standards, people's spending power more and more strong, stainless steel products because of its outstanding advantages; corrosion resistance, high temperature, acid resistance, easy to clean and so on, loved by everyone![url=http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/stainless-steel/8219.html]Astm a240 type 304 201 stainless steel price[/url] As a manufacturer of stainless steel products, in addition to the choice of better quality materials, but also need to have better processing technology to meet customer needs, most of the current processing enterprises are using argon arc welding processing, due to welding speed Fast, simple operation, in a long period of time, has been the first choice for processing enterprises.[url=http://stainlesssteelprices.com/steel-products/909.html]cold rolled 2b 201 stainless steel plate[/url] With the improvement of market competition and customer requirements, the shortcomings of TIG still can not meet the demand, especially after welding, deformation, black, easy to burn the sheet when welding, which are due to argon arc welding Work is caused by the way, can not change, then, how to improve the quality of stainless steel welding industry?
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