lumber science and technology

Content of modified lumber science and technology is high, belong to functional sex material, product the fountainhead from research and development is [url=]mixing best decking and wood[/url] mature to environmental protection function, there is extensive applied space in prospective household, adornment, be worth to cause attention of entire industry height.

Beijing timber industry moves to be finished basically next year greatly " Internet + finance " transform traditional timber industry.As blame capital function scanty solution [url=]do it yourself deck in uk[/url] is advanced continuously, beijing timber industry is finishing to migrate greatly. Through be in Tianjin, Heibei and other places builds base of objective storage, content shedding, treatment, traditional market, low end industry and from personnel of course of study scanty solution goes out;

The wood that joins through building the phase below the line on the line and wood trade center and financial service platform, take high-end industry condition, [url=]plastic wood around front deck[/url] main taxation and price advantageous position in Beijing. The reporter learns from chamber of commerce of Beijing timber industry, predict to be in today bright inside two years, the scanty solution task of capital timber industry will be finished basically.
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