abroad flooring professional committee

and at the beginning of my last year I raised a number of issues and directions that have been reported to us in the report of our Secretary-General Li Honggang , We are expected to work in two years, but we have done all over a year. So we hope to increase the pace in 2007, to increase efforts, in communication with the government departments,
especially within the enterprise of mutual information exchange and communication, we will deepen to increase such efforts. Then we also hope that our floor professional committee in the near future to be able to become the most influential at home and abroad flooring professional committee. We hope to play such a function of our professional.
committee to be able to promote the exchange between our members and to assist our member enterprises to carry out a business, which is our work, which is what I report today in 2007, thank you. [Li Honggang]: I will be a grand introduction to the two other leaders and guests today, they are China Forest Products Industry Association Real Estate Professional Committee Secretary-General Lu Bin,
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