wood flooring

The Consumer Council considered that, For questions about the consumers, Businesses have an obligation to explain to prove the quality of their products is no problem, And this process should be free and should not be charged the cost of consumers, such as home appliances industry is the practice.
And the Guangzhou Decoration Association expert group of the members of Mr. Xian also believe that the business should take the initiative to understand the product situation.Meanwhile, Mr. Sims, told reporters, according to the preliminary judgment of his experience, regardless of whether the installation of consumer use and construction teams have a problem, the quality of the product is questionable."at normal temperature, wood flooring is not so easy to deform.
If it is an installation problem, the floor should be not well-mastered, the whole room is arched, not every template appears to be convex."Mr. Chen also mentioned that, They didn't spot the goods, But was delayed by 2 days to get the goods, therefore, they suspect that the factory has not been completely dried wood floor, now the temperature and environmental changes in the emergence of deformation.
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