generally higher than the second floor

Shanghai is currently more rational and mature domestic market, a variety of flooring has a specific consumer groups, the flooring industry showed a hundred schools of thought contend, flourishing situation. As a result of the higher rent, not only does not exist "puffiness" phenomenon, and the small space is also very focused on the store image layout and floor furnishings.
In a well-known shopping malls can see the third floor of the store decoration grade is generally higher than the second floor, the reason, probably because the laminate flooring is exotic, in the introduction of the product also absorb the foreign packaging and display of the product Experience, so the starting point is high.
And solid wood composite brands are many from the extension of the extension, but also learn to do the successful experience of strengthening, and therefore not too weak. Do solid wood is basically a "real" look, the product display style is very similar to each other clone more, it is not enough humane, many exhibition rack design did not take ergonomics, did not reflect the Respect for the customer.
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