Swivel cleaning and maintenance

Once we have found the home of the wardrobe moldy phenomenon, to deal with in a timely manner, so as to mildly become more serious damage to the wardrobe,patio dining table and chairs but also to prevent the home environment affected. Which in our home, wardrobe moldy how to do? We may wish to learn the following points.

When we look at a wardrobe moldy, we must first pay attention to the place where the long mold clean, you can usually use a dry paper towel to wipe him clean, or brush with a dry brush,pub table chairs palm coast the moldy place clean. If the clean is not clean, you can use the damp cloth vigorously rub on the line, often can be very convenient to remove moldy. If you find a mold, in addition to the mold with a cloth to clean, we also need to brush again in the above varnish, so that it can effectively prevent the long mold. Mold is mostly caused by the problem of paint, so we can also use the rain forest for cleaning, and then clean the cloth with a clean cloth.

The air is easy to mold mild, then we can put some fresh lime at home, not only can effectively prevent the wet, and the effectiveness of disinfection. If the moisture inside the wardrobe is too heavy, you can put in the wardrobe tungsten bulb, open in the wet,stainless steel folding table bracket can effectively reduce the moisture in the closet, so that the closet to keep dry.

Fourth, after moldy mold into our home, will lead to some breathing diseases, in order to prevent this situation, you can put some desiccant in the closet, can suck away the excess moisture in the closet, let the closet More dry. At the same time we can put some orange peel in the closet,rattan garden furniture uk only but also can play the effect of taste and taste, and should pay attention to the usual window ventilation and ventilation, try not to use the humidifier in the room to prevent moisture too heavy, affecting the wardrobe use. After we usually use the wet mop to finish, but also pay attention to the window, so that the water is effectively dry.

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