defects of the floor

For example: the antistatic property, In the course of the combination of single crystal wafers, the use of high technology, will be the Elimination of the interaction between single crystal stress to a minimum, greatly improves the antistatic property of the performance.
At the same time, soft solid wood floor with the aid of two layers of cork, greatly improved the sense of feet, eliminating the main defects of the floor.Soft solid wood floor is made from natural materials and high-tech means, which is made of special technology, and the environmental protection performance is excellent.
Wood-based panel by the state quality supervision and inspection center detection, the formaldehyde emission of this product is only 0.1 mg/L, 15 times lower than the national standard; This product is successfully solved the cork, wood and chip due to thermal expansion coefficient between different layers, the problem of cracking, is the world's patented technology.
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