sunset reexamine

The 3rd, had done about answer the job. Each relevant company him foundation circumstance, cooperate importer to fill in of one's own accord questionnaire of ITC sunset reexamine; Committee of job of authority of association international dimension will entrust lawyer group to do the material of good appeal actively to prepare, need to cooperate actively about the unit each, provide a company relevant data data; Each cooperate actively about the enterprise, raise money jointly should relate capital.

Appropriate guest port imports lumber to be balata wood wood first square,Recently, sichuan examines agency of guest of quarantine bureau appropriate finishs wood of wood of balata of a batch of entrances in appropriate guest harbor square spot examines quarantine. This batches of wood just come from Vietnam, in all 56600 kilogram, goods is worth 18378.79 dollars, use at furniture treatment, this is appropriate guest waterborne port imports timber first.

Guard a pass to ensure and serve neither by accident, appropriate guest does is to do good data collect, shift to an earlier date the epidemic situation information of collect output country, master the sort of evil living things that lumber may carry, raise the spot to examine quarantine job specific aim. "[url=]farm wood fence shops in malaysia[/url],[url=]wood polymer composites siding wall[/url],[url=]engineered exterior siding wpc cladding[/url]"
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