environment protection floor for child

Real wood floor gets the favour of a lot of consumer, compare except simple sense and colour concise outside, the environmental protection sex of real wood floor also is the crucial reason that consumer likes.[url=http://wpcexport.com/export/11032.html]no cracks wpc wall panel[/url] But real wood floor is out of shape also is the floor is used do not maintain the problem that can appear, so are we in floor of real wood of choose and buy when what respect does need note?

Moisture content: Moisture content of real wood floor is metabolic of immediate impact floor the mainest factor, the moisture content that buys a floor board must balance moisture content close with place.[url=http://wpcexport.com/export/13040.html]namibia composite floor decking[/url] The salesperson must be asked to determine when buying a floor board floor moisture content, its method is very simple: Determine first in the exhibition hall the moisture content that buys floor sample, open box to check and accept the moisture content that buys a floor board next, if both moisture content is differred only 1% to 2% , belong to the moisture content that suits local laid floor.

Material plants: The material of real wood floor is planted numerous, have entrance material, homebred capable person, have precious Hua Limu, teak, also have the Gan Badou of in a popular style, birch, northeast china ash, because these ground plank are planted,differ, price difference is very big. When consumer is choosing floor material to plant, want to choose material sex to stabilize the floor of the decorative pattern that loves with oneself, color quite.

Norms: From board stability for, floor size is smaller, fight it is better to be out of shape, should choose to slant for this short, slant narrow real wood floor, the turn that reduces real wood floor board as far as possible, twist, gourd ladle, shrink, the phenomenon such as arch. Floor expert thinks, short better than what grow; is compared narrowly wide good, and good in quality and cheap in price.

Machine precision: With 8 outfit hind goes all out on flat to 12 floors, observe with the means that the hand is felt and the eye observes its machine precision whether chamfer of level off, smooth, tenon is occlusive appropriate.[url=http://wpcexport.com/export/12189.html]wpc decking used for outdoor resort[/url] Should not be too loose, also should not be too close.

Material is qualitative: Observe with the eye whether the floor is planted for same capable person, whether does board face have craze, decayed, come eye of skin, dead section, bug, blue change wait for material qualitative blemish. Wait to off color, lively part, grain normally need not too exacting, this is the natural attribute of lumber.[url=http://wpcexport.com/supplier/18361.html]wood brick wall panels in canada[/url] Be the natural grain of off color, rich change, the nature that showed real wood floor is ecru, it is the style that adornment of the family on current international pursues.

Paint quality: Board face is Qi Ban through painting its all say after treatment, choose when taking, should notice 3 should, 3 without. 3 if: Lacquer face wants; of even, bright and clean, level off 3 notting have is: The lacquer that do not have leakage, without bleb, without chap.

After service: In floor of choose and buy while, consumer produces needless trouble to prevent, need considers a series of issues. For example: How is the floor spread? Who will spread? When to spread? How to maintain? Who is in charge of guaranteeing etc.

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