What is Diamond Fluorescence

There is a common question in the diamond market which is what is Fluorescence? Is it Good Or Bad? Diamond Fluorescence is the ability to glow in from of the Ultraviolet light. 98% of diamond has the fluorescence but on a different level. There are two types of people who think about the fluorescence while purchasing a diamond. One is Purist- those who expecting the highest, brightest, clearest stones. Another one is unconventionalists. These people will think that blue glow is awesome.


It's not about either good o bad but It's completely based on the taste of everyone. Normally the diamond reflects the sunlight. If the diamond has the higher Fluorescence then it will glow the blue color instead of the white color or multi-color. This is because the diamond contains aluminum, boron, and nitrogen.


When the UV passes through the diamond it saves the energy. When there is an excess amount energy is receiving by these elements are trying to release it to maintain its stability. So it emits the photon by glowing the blue color.


How to check the Fluorescence of diamond?


In the Diamond certification test, the Diamond Fluorescence is checked by placing the diamond in Ultraviolet light. There are five levels of fluorescence i.e. None, faint, medium, strong and very strong.


None represents there is no fluorescence present in the diamond. Only 2% of diamonds come in this category.


Faint: Faint represents the presence of fluorescence but it is the best choice as it not so much differs from None. You can see very low-level blue color in this diamond.


Medium: This is the next level of Faint. You can see the medium level of blue color while it placed on sunlight.


Strong/very strong: It represents the high level of Fluorescence presents in the diamond. It actually affects the white color by emitting high level blue color. When you purchase the diamond you can see the level of diamond fluorescence in the diamond certification from the GIA grade report.

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